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Festival internazionale di mosaico contemporaneo




The fourth International Contemporary Mosaic Festival RavennaMosaico will be held between 10 October and 8 November. The capital city of mosaics and the 2015 Italian Capital of Culture Ravenna will welcome works and artists from around the world.

The two main exhibition halls of the festival will be the MAR - Ravenna Art Museum and Palazzo Rasponi dalle Teste, a prestigious venue that was recently reopened to the public. The museum will host the works selected for the third GAEM prize to young mosaic artists as well as a documentary exhibition and tribute to the 20th anniversary from the creation of the Chambre Turque mosaic by Balthus, signed by the author and currently on display at Expo 2015. A series of exhibitions and installations will be set up in the rooms of Palazzo Rasponi, e.g. the traditional Works from the World collection, a selection of over forty works by AIMC artists and a focus on the best French mosaic works in collaboration with the celebrated Mosaïque art magazine. 

Several side events such as meetings, presentations and conferences will be added to the programme of RavennaMosaico, some of which included in an internationalization project supported by the Emilia-Romagna region with a special focus on Russia and Turkey.

Finally, a monumental mosaic wave to be placed in the future Archaeological Museum of Classe will be inaugurated in the last days of the festival, as a tangible bridge between the ancient mosaic art and its contemporary art forms. 

RavennaMosaico international festival is organized by the City of Ravenna in collaboration with AIMC (International Association of Contemporary Mosaicists) and involves many cultural associations and institutions of the city.

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